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Keyboard Portable Bluetooth 5.1 3 Channels Connection®

Keyboard Portable Bluetooth 5.1 3 Channels Connection®

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Multi-device keyboard and multi-system compatibility: the foldable keyboard can connect 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time, and quickly switch between them via FN+A/S/D keys. Compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and Mac, the portable keyboard is perfect for your tablet, phone and laptop.

Stable connection and responsive response: the mini wireless keyboard adopts Bluetooth 5.1 chipset, 32.8ft wireless transmission signal, ensuring low latency and stable performance. The slim keyboard features scissor switch key structure for smooth and fast typing feedback.

Long battery life and smart power saving: the tablet keyboard has a built-in 210 mAh large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, which has a long standby time and is environmentally friendly. After 10 minutes without work, it will enter the intelligent sleep state, saving power and energy for you, and you can wake up by pressing any key.

Lightweight and portable: triple folding keyboard with textured synthetic leather cover which has a good business feel and style, lightweight and durable without worrying about daily wear and tear and scratches. The 64-key standard keyboard folds into a mini portable size, which can be stored in your purse, pocket or computer bag without taking up a large space, and can be carried at any time for business travel, tourism, office, etc.

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